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Discounts percentages are based on the average product price (16.49) and vary (mostly upwards) depending on the chosen products, meaning if you choose more expensive products you will save more.

Example: 39.99 instead 62.97 for 2 sample packs and 1 Reaktor instrument (Regular 16.49 + 16.49 + 29.99) with our 3 Months membership.

Any combination of packs is possible (samples, presets, Reaktor instruments, plugins…)

When number of free monthly packs is exceeded the usual prices will apply. Unused free downloads do not transfer into next subscription period.

Subscription renews automatically after chosen period. Depending on your payment option cancellation might be only possible at Paypal, Your Online Banking Account Your credit card might not offer recurring payments at all, then you still can get new ones manually here.

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