Weird Beauty 2 – 270 Wav Loops (82 Atmos, 103 Rhythms, 82 Sequences), 530 MB, 24 Bit Wavs.

weird loops,experimental percussion,modular sounds,modular loops
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  • Type: Deep House, Experimental, Minimal, Tech House, Techno

Deep Data Loops are once again celebrating the beauty of weird with these 270 loops. We tried to categorize all files into Atmos, Rhythms and Sequences although most sounds cross these borders. They´re all ment for Minimal, Tech House, Experimental or rhythmical Ambient productions. 530 MB of data to create something different.


• 270 Wav Loops:
• 82 Atmos
• 103 Rhythms
• 82 Sequences
Note: All dr
ums in the demo are taken from our previous release "US Deep House 2.