Techno Shots – 420 Drum Shots (70 Claps, 70 Hihats, 70 Kicks, 70 Percs, 70 Snares, 70 Toms), 230 MB, 24 Bit Wavs.

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Cycles & Spots deliver 420 excellent drum shots for Techno producing sessions. Everything you need to get your track punching as Kicks, Snares, Hihats, Claps, Toms and Percussions. All shots are processed so that they come through massively, meaning fat kicks, crispy hats, powerfull toms, smashing claps / snares and delicious percussions.

Pack Details

420 Drum Shots
70 Claps
70 Hihats
70 Kicks
70 Percs
70 Snares
70 Toms
230 MB

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