NuDance Puzzles – 50 Themes (303 Beat Loops, 230 Music Loops, 144 MIDI Files of Bass, Chord, Melody, Pad, String, Backing, FX, Arpeggio), 4-8 Bars, 125 BPM, 1,2 GB, 24 Bit Wavs.

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  • Type: Disco / Nu Disco, Italo Disco, Pop

Are you looking for punchy Nu Disco / Indie Dance rhythms or emotional Italo House / 80s Disco melodies?

"NuDance Puzzles“ brings all of that and more with 677 files of superb ideas for your producing pleasure.

50 themes are divided into its elements, summing up 533 WAV loops of beats and harmonies.

For optimal usage the melodic elements are also availabe as MIDI files (144).

On top of that, not only catchy synth hooks are used but also real live bassguitar lines are integrated for the propper authentic feeling.

What's in the collection?

Beat Loops: 303 beat loops presented as mixdown plus its single element loops (Bassdrum, Snare, Hihat, Ride, Rim, Tom, Perc, Cowbell, Tambourine, Crash, Wood Block)

Music Loops: 230 musical loops presented as mixdown plus its single element loops (Bassline, Chords, Melody, Pad, String, Backing,FX,Arpeggio)

MIDI Files: 144 MIDI files of all melodic elements from the music loops section (except live bassguitar basslines)

All loops have 125 BPM and range between 5-9 bars and are offered as industry standard 24-bit Wavs. Downloadsize: 1,2 GB (unzipped)

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