Deep Trax Multi Template – 1 Template For Ableton Live Suite (9.7 Or Higher), 43 Clips (For Kick, Hihat, Clap, Perc, Chords & Bass Patterns), 5 Customizable Instruments (Drums, Perc, Chords, Bass), 127 Perc Shots, 20 Kick Shots, 20 Hihat Shots, 20 Clap, Shots, 20 Sounds For Chords, 8 Operator Bass Sounds, 128 MB, 24 Bit Wavs.

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  • Type: Deep House, House, Minimal

DDL created a powerful customizable Ableton Live template to create various Deep House tracks. You´ll get lots of instruments and macro knobs to customize kick, hihat, clap, chords, basslines, percussion sequences and you can choose between numerous sounds for each element. If you like real and raw Deep House you need this. You can easily form a whole EP with this if not many. Naturally you can change anything and add your own flavour as much as you like.

Pack Details

1 Template For Ableton Live Suite
43 Clips (For Kick, Hihat, Clap, Perc, Chords & Bass Patterns)
5 Customizable Instruments For Drums, Perc, Chords & Bass
127 Perc Shots
20 Kick Shots
20 Hihat Shots
20 Clap Shots
20 Sounds For Chords
8 Operator Bass Sounds
128 MB

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