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Gravel from Taiga DSP, a freeware bitcrusher/distortion effect with a built-in envelope follower, available as a 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugin for Windows based machines.


RETRO BEAT MK2 is a module which combines 27 vintage beatboxes and drums synth sound. On the menu: Roland, Mxr, Vermona, Hohner, LinnDrum, mattel, simmons, boss, korg, wersimatic, hammond, boehm, mfb, polyvox, casio, electro harmonix, etc. Every sound has been treated through analog peripherals worthy of the name: Preamp Cartec Audio, Eq Chandler Limited, compressor Shadow Hills. Note that Retro Beat Mk2 is usable in multi-out.


Free alternative MIDI generator ChordSpacer.

Infinity Synth

Free sample-based VST synth from Stagecraft


Filterjam is a free (Registration) multi-band resonant filter delivering weird ringmod-like filtered sounds. The input signal is divided into 4 bands that are then summed or multiplied together according to the selected mode. Filterjam can be very harsh or gentle, it can add brightness or depth to synth sounds, but it can also completely mangle acoustic sources.


New free VST synth Lith from Soda Devices.

Limiter No6 1.0.2b

Free Limiter No6, update 1.0.2b and with ENV1 skin.

Socalabs 8-Bit Treats

3 free game console synthesis plugins. Emulations of some of the most iconic chips including the Ricoh A203 (Nintendo), PAPU (Gameboy), MOS Technology SID (Commodore 64, 128 & MAX) and TI SN76489 (Sega, BBC etc).

TAL Tube

TAL-Tube is a free saturation plugin that have the characteristic of tubes and an additional amplifier mode. It’s very suitable for adding higher harmonics and can give more excitement and analog character to digital sounds or drums. At extreme values it can also be used as a grungy distortion effect.


Lagrange is a unique stereo delay system producing other worldly echoes using granular techniques, where each grain is from a different point in the delay buffer:

Use basic settings to create immersive stereo imagery with clean early reflections to give instruments a clear place in the mix.
Use the feedback control to transform your sounds into droning evolving soundscapes.
Shorten the delay time to create unusual metallic chorus effects.

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