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The Free Orchestra

One of the best in their field, Project Sam offer free orchestral instruments (Registration needed)

Harvest (Mini)

A free version of Harvest´s MIDI loop generator

AAS Player

With the free Applied Acoustic Systems Player you can use (not edit) many (also free) sounds from the company´s products.

Midside Matrix

Goodhertz are offering a free and good stereo tool:


Midside Matrix pares down our acclaimed mid/side processor, Midside, to just the essentials: mid/side matrixing, gains, monitoring, & metering — all in a simple, lightweight package.

XSRDO Analogy Modular Synthersizer

And another free modular synth featuring:

– High Quality Oscillators
– Ultra Low CPU
– Multi-Timbral
– Intergrated 128 Note Polyphonic Modules
– Sample Player
– Karplus-Strong Physical Moddeling
– Analog Modelled K35 ZDF Sallen-Key Filter
– Over 40 Modules Available
– 1000s of Combinations
– MIDI Controller Enabled
– Unlimited load and save patches
– Single Microsoft Windows 32bit DLL


Another free modular system (Can´t have enough of those, right?). Full Bucket Music recently updated ModulAir.

    • Fully modular architecture
    • Up to 18 modules per patch
    • 51 module types available
    • Polyphonic Voice and monophonic Master modules
    • Up to 64 voices polyphony
    • External signal processing possible
    • TUN/SCL micro-tuning file import
    • MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI C
    • Double precision audio processing
    • Plug-in supports Windows and macOS (32 bit and 64 bit)

Tunefish 4

Originally developed for the demoscene, Tunefish is a nice free VST synth.

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TrapDoor Audio

Free VST synths from Trapdoor:

  • – 4 Synthesizers for Windows x64 (VST3) and Mac (AU)
  • – Several Hundred Carefully Crafted Single-Cycle Waveforms
  • – Sinc^8 Interpolated Sample Oscillators
  • – Hundreds and Hundreds of Presets
  • – Standard Synthesis, Instrument Modeling, FM, Phase Distortion, Chip Sounds, Granular Synthesis, Additive Harmonics, SuperSaw
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