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Surrealistic MG-1 Plus

Free analog modeled synth from Cherry Audio insprired by this hardware from Moog:

Here a comparison:


Free wavetable synth from Spore Sound.


Vital is a brandnew wavetable synthesier plugin from Vital Audio. Its basic version is free.

You can get 400 free extra wavetables for it from Echo Sound Works:

Modular Wavetables
Core Wavetables


sTiltV2 is a free linear phase filter which tilts the audio spectrum around a given center frequency.


GSi VariSpeed is a new plugin that GSi offers free of charge to everybody. It’s a simulation of the WEM Copicat IC-400 Belt Drive VariSpeed model, the first tape echo machine made by WEM with a DC capstan motor capable of changing speed, thus varying the delay time.

Analog Obsession

Get this and much more plugs free from Analog Obsessions’ Patreon page.


K1v is a free classic rompler that emulates the famous japanese classic Kawai K1 from 1988.

Kjaerhus Audio

The Audio Classic Serie is a bundle of Kjaerhus 9 Classic Serie mixing and mastering audio plugins. Including the classic auto-filter, chorus, compressor, delay, EQ, flanger, limiter, phaser and reverb. The classic serie goal is to emulate the warm and rich sound of vintage high end analog gear from the 70’s and 80’s eras. Kjaerhus unique “Warmth & Saturation” algorithms will give your sound a sweet and lively analog color. And it’s totally free !

W1 Limiter

This one may not look like much but comes pretty close to Waves’ limiter plugin and it’s free .


OrilRiver is a free algorithmic stereo reverb that can rival the quality of commercial reverbs.

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