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SK10 Sub-Kick Simulator

SK-10 is a free sub-kick simulator. A sub-kick mic is a particular microphone used primarily for recording kick drums. It’s essentially a speaker converted into a microphone. Thanks to its diameter a sub-kick mic captures a lot of low end and it’s a perfect fit along your regular kick mic for boosting the low frequencies.

SK10 is available for Mac and Windows in VST, Audio Units, and AAX formats. Compatible for Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, Cubase and any DAW that supports AU, VST or AAX.

MIDI Choir

An free audio multi pitch shifter plugin which you control via MIDI from MV´s Plugins. Download.

More specs:
Reliable ASDF pitch tracker with voiced/unvoiced recognition
Pitch tracking indicator
Separate processing of voiced vs. unvoiced input, thereby preserving a natural, intelligible sound
Voiced input will be re-pitched according to the keys pressed
Octave, semitone and fine tunig controls
Built-in noise gate with indicator
Built-in soft knee limiter with color-coded LED indicator
Built-in stereo reverb with controls for room size, damping, stereo width and dry/wet mix,
Master volume control with output clipping indicator
Effects may also be used without MIDI input
Option of VST plugin or stand-alone executable


Get lots of free VST synths from Krakli Software. You may want to follow their Facebook group for news.

Cheeze Machine 2

Cheeze Machine 2 includes an expanded oscillator section, convolution reverb, a vintage ensemble chorus, and 64 bit compatibility for VST, AU, AAX and Standalone applications.

Digital Synsations

It’s a bundle of 4 sample-based virtual instruments that features sounds from iconic digital synths from the 90s including KORG M1, Ensoniq VFX, SY77, and D50.

These 4 products are free until September 30 if entering code FREEDS-AVID at the Checkout page.

Be prepared for longer download times..

Cassette Drums

Cassette Drums is a freeware VST and AU plugin bundle from BRP consisting of three individual plugins: Cassette 606 VST, Cassette 808 VST and Cassette 909 VST.


Free virtual analog wavetable synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.


Free VST / AU Cymbals Set

Cymbalistic is a sampled cymbals set. It contains 68 stereo 24 bit samples from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios public domain library.

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