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Simmons Drum Kits

Oberheim Xpander

Emulator Sounds

A free collection of Emu Emulator sounds from Grasspike Music.

The Roland D-50

Kawai GMega / K11

Nice demo from Valmont. His words on this: “This is a 1993 rompler, just like the Korg M1 and all these realism-aiming synths. It’s a keyboardless version of the Kawai K11, with 256 waveforms, 32 voices, 32-multitimbral in a desktop 1/2 rack format. Most of the sounds are single-waveform, so you get these typical 90s static pads, which sound very nice with verb. The only downside is that you need to program it thru 4 buttons and a rotative encoder… Very 1990 again x)”

Sample Crate

Here’s a whole YouTube playlist with great beat-less sampling material. You have to consider copyright though of course for commerical use. Btw, need a free sampler? you might want to check out Highlife from discoDSP.

The PPG Wave Story