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EMS Synthi VCS-3

Hear a bit of the famous 70s synth VCS-3 in action.

The Story of the Roland Jupiter-8

The Jupiter-8, or JP-8, is an eight-voice polyphonic analog subtractive synthesizer introduced by Roland Corporation in early 1981.

KORG 707

Entry level synth from 1987 feat.:

Polyphony – 8 voices
Oscillators – Digital FM
Filter – n/a
VCA – n/a
Keyboard – 49 keys (w/ velocity & aftertouch)
Memory – 100 patches
Control – MIDI

The Synclavier

A little story about the famous Synclavier. Btw, the best desktop emulation might be the one from Arturia and there’s one on iOS, too.


A Buchla 700 simulation has arrived for the iPad from Modosc. For more info best head over to CMD’s articel about it.

Iron Oxide Classic 2

Bandpassy tape simulation, updated for high sample rate and aliasing control. Good for emphazising certain frequencies besides getting a tape cassette color. Get it for free from Airwindows or better donate if you can.


OR2v is an Oberheim Two Voice emulation. Oberheim Two Voice is an analog duophonic synthesizer featuring a 8 step sequencer. 32 Bit only.