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Here’s an oldie, but still worth it – Abakos synth. Be aware this one is 32 bit, use JBridge (14.99) if necessary.

Omri Cohen

If you want to step (deeper) into modular synthesis, Omri Cohen is one of the best teachers for that on YouTube. If you should not know, VCV Rack is a free software version for modular synthesis and there’s an iOS port available called MiRack.


Expanse is a free noise and drone generator that can be spectrally blurred, pitched, and filtered. You can find another free and more cheap devices on Pure Magnetik.


The great and free Oberheim emulation from DiscoDSP has just been updated.


IK Multimedia offers a free Memory-V synth rompler. You have to be/become a newsletter subscriber and then install the free version of Syntronik, which the Memory-V is a part of (video instruction). This offer is limited to Feb 26th !

Vital 1.0.7

Vital has been updated and now features custom skins amongst other things (For Pro users and subscribers). Vital is a cool wavetable synth for a nice price (80$). Free version available with 75 presets and 25 wavetables.

The Mountain

The Mountain is a free Synthwave subtractive synthesizer for 80s inspired sounds. Needs the full version of Reaktor.

Memory V

You can get a Moog emulation for free from IK Multimedia if you subscribe to their newsletter until Dec 30th.


DFR-76 is a FREE plug-in that contains 27 HQ playable instruments ranging from bass, keys, plucks and more. Here are some audio demos:




K1v is a free classic rompler that emulates the famous japanese classic Kawai K1 from 1988.

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