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Kawai GMega / K11

Nice demo from Valmont. His words on this: “This is a 1993 rompler, just like the Korg M1 and all these realism-aiming synths. It’s a keyboardless version of the Kawai K11, with 256 waveforms, 32 voices, 32-multitimbral in a desktop 1/2 rack format. Most of the sounds are single-waveform, so you get these typical 90s static pads, which sound very nice with verb. The only downside is that you need to program it thru 4 buttons and a rotative encoder… Very 1990 again x)”

The PPG Wave Story

Phutura 2

Phutura 2
Audio Demo:

Free Reaktor instrument from Phuturetone.

CS-80 Xmas

Did you know? Now you do…

Triton Miniature

Made by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira Rolt.


Once again we recommend Spitfire’s free LAB instrument collection which is constantly growing.


Free from Hercs.