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Free FM synth for Win/Mac on GitHub.

-Four operators with independent parameters such as volume, panning, modulation index, feedback, three different frequency modifiers (ratio, free and fine) and ADSR volume envelope parameters. The operators can be independently switched to white noise mode

-Flexible routing allowing setting the output operator (with some limitations) as well as the percentage of signal that is simply added to the final output, enabling additive synthesis. By default, operator 4 is routed to operator 3, operator 3 to operator 2 and operator 2 to operator 1.

-Master volume and master frequency parameters

-Four LFOs capable of targeting most operator parameters as well as most parameters of lower index LFOs.

-128 voices (using them all simultaneously might consume quite a bit of CPU time though)

-Fully automatable

Retro Synth Ads

Wanna dive into synth nostalgia? Check Retro Synth Ads from the past.


The Pure-Pten Synthesizer is a virtual analog synthesizer (mono free version, 32 Bit).

KORG 707

Entry level synth from 1987 feat.:

Polyphony – 8 voices
Oscillators – Digital FM
Filter – n/a
VCA – n/a
Keyboard – 49 keys (w/ velocity & aftertouch)
Memory – 100 patches
Control – MIDI

The Synclavier

A little story about the famous Synclavier. Btw, the best desktop emulation might be the one from Arturia and there’s one on iOS, too.

Ocean Swift

All soft synths of Ocean Swift are now freely available.


A Buchla 700 simulation has arrived for the iPad from Modosc. For more info best head over to CMD’s articel about it.


Free Virtual Analog Synthesizer Plugin by BlauKraut Engineering.


Here’s an oldie, but still worth it – Abakos synth. Be aware this one is 32 bit, use JBridge (14.99) if necessary.

Omri Cohen

If you want to step (deeper) into modular synthesis, Omri Cohen is one of the best teachers for that on YouTube. If you should not know, VCV Rack is a free software version for modular synthesis and there’s an iOS port available called MiRack.