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Modular Samples

Lot´s of free modular samples.

Past To Future Samples

You can get some really nice drum samples from Past To Future (Including free ones).

Free Echo Sound Works Stuff

Presets, samples & more from Echo Sound Works.

Symple Sound

Free samples and Ableton devices.

808 Hits & Loops

378 free 808 drum samples from SampleRadar.

Korg KPR-77 Samples

Free samples of this machine (Registration needed) from Wave Alchemy here.

Legowelt Samples

Old but gold: Legowelt´s analog machine samples. Click pic.

Official Dinma


A bunch of free sample packs. Click Pic.

Ableton Tools

• 41 MIDI + Audio Instrument / FX chains
• 8 Arpeggiators (Bass, Percussion, Synth)
• 9 Audio Effects (For Bass, Chords, Pads, Drums, Perc)
• 1 Beat Generator
• 8 Moving Sounds (Granular-Like)
• 5 Operator Presets
• 5 Percussion Kits (Traditional+Futuristic)
• 5 Rhythm Generators

Classic Techno

• 179 Loops • 150 One-Shots: • 50 NI Massive Presets Click pic for audio demo.

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