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Yamaha DX7 / TX7 Samplepack for Ableton Live

Nearly 10 GB of samples of the legendary synths from Buddy Spencer Beats.

Function Loops Samples

Free collection of samples from Function Loops.

Pianobook Samples

260 free sample instruments (different formats, 1 new each week) can be downloaded from Pianobook.

Glitch with Friends Samples Vol. 2

Get free glitchy samples from

Send In Tracks

Send in your tracks that are made with any of our products (not necessarily solely) and get a free pack.

Please comment on which samples / instruments you have used for what part(s).


Free Daily Loops

We started a new project, free daily loops for everyone! Only 2 so far but hold on!

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Alesis SR-16

Alesis SR-16 sampled by playpauserepeat. Free download.

60 Free Deep House Chords

60 free loops to Download

Big Bang Orchestra

A free library from VSL featuring:

– Massive “tutti” orchestra
– Super-quick large orchestrations
– Multiple microphone positions for stereo and surround output
– 1.5 GB FREE sample content (Download size: 0.5 GB)
– NKS coming soon

Dismuke’s 78 RPM Blog

You´ll find vintage 78 rpm recordings from the early 1900s on this blog.

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