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Hexcel is a free generative MIDI sequencer for NI Reaktor made by Salamander Anagram based upon the harmonic table, specifically designed for creating semi-random patterns based upon user input.

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RE pitch 3

A very nice FX for Reaktor from Shane Higgins.

Can make your vocals sound like this:

Download for free from the NI User Library (If you own Reaktor)

Oki Computer 2

Can a 15 years old Reaktor ensemble still sound fresh?

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Roland Reaktor Emulations

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Continuum Synth

Cool Reaktor wavetable synth by Michael O’hagan. With this one he became one of the winners of the recent builders competion by Native Instruments. Includes 5000 waveforms and multiple modulation options. Download from the Reaktor User Library.


Older but still cool Reaktor synth by Brice Beasly.


Reaktor ensemble for formant shifting / formant reconstruction for *polyphonic* input, spectral warping, reharmonizing, freezing, and pitch shifting. From the User Library.


Nice & free Reverb from Bryan Lake for NI Reaktor.