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LudoTune is a musical toy for building tunes, loops, songs and musical sculptures.


Grain synth looking like a Gameboy in the browser, anyone?

808+303 Emu

Roland TR-808 and TB-303 emulation in your browser.

Web Based Tools

OK. Ready. Let’s Do It is an online exhibition of free to use, web-based sound and noise-making tools.

Web Sequencer

WebSequencer is a MIDI sequencer written in HTML5/Javascript.
Chrome is recommended.
WebSequencer can load up-to four WebMidiLink compatible Web-synths.
MIDI files can be loaded by ‘LoadFile’ button or FILE-DROP.
The created song can be saved from the ‘SAVED-FILE’ link after clicking the ‘SaveFile’ button.
In addition, the song can be direct linked form ‘SAVED-URL’.
The link to ‘SAVED-URL’ will automaticaly play when check ‘AutoPlay’
Keyboard shortcuts are available for example; A..Select / S..Scroll / E..Edit / 1..Zoom1 / Z..ZoomIn / X..ZoomOut
Realtime record from MIDI-keyboard is tentatively available

MIDI / Audio Generator

Generate audio in your browser by certain rules with the WoframTones Generator. You can download results in several audio fromats and as well as MIDI files.

Special Browser Drum Machine

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