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Powerful Ableton Max for Live Devices

Great article from Pro Audio Files with M4L device recommendations and descriptions.


Pluck is a free Max For Live device from Fors.

MOD-Mult v.1.0

Free Node Based LFO Router (Max For Live) from Suzuki Kentaro.

MOD-D3 1.0

Mod-D3 is a free M4L device for 3d modulating in Ableton Live from Suzuki Kentaro.

Rhythmizer 2.0

Rhythmizer 2.0 is the groundbreaking new Max4Live device from touring artist Raffael Willi (Jumpstreet) which combines the powerful rhythmic potential of Rhythmizer One with an incredible new range of melodic possibilities (20 Pounds).

Swarmalators T

Free M4L device Swarmalators applies the “Swarmalators” model to a bank of oscillators as modulation.

4phgp (M4L)

This four playhead granular player (For Max For Live) is free to download (Donations possible)