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Free M4L device from JDevices.

Map sequencer is a non-linear sequencer plugin. The sequencer follower any waveform that is selected. The sequencer can be synced to the tempo of Ableton or run in free mode.


This free M4L device made by Dillon Bastan and Carlo Cattano let´s you create custom Wavetables for Ableton´s Wavetable synth from image files. Get it from


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Dial To Program Change

Helpful Max4Live device to MIDI learn program change data. In other words, let´s you control which sound you use on a specific VST synth via your MIDI controller.


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Mutated Texturizer

The Mutated Texturizer and the Mutated TexturizerAlt are free Max For Live plugins from Timo Rozendal, based on the firmware for the eurorack module Clouds by Mutable Instruments.


Wavepeek is a free M4L synthesizer with a wave-shaping section that is meant to be easy to understand but very capable of creating interesting waveforms at the same time. It gives you full control over two sets of waveforms and morph between them using an EG, LFO, or manually. It works best when you use the shape as a filter, so make the bottom waveforms smoother and lower but you can do some other crazy stuff with it as well.

Phase Vocoder

Free Phase Vocoder from Sanders in the M4L library.


Improved version of the Ableton Live 10 / Max For Live LFO. Get it free from the M4L library.

Ghosts LE

This is a nice & free generative sequencer from Isotonik Studios for Max for Live.