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4phgp (M4L)

This four playhead granular player (For Max For Live) is free to download (Donations possible)

Cellular Degradation

Cellular Degradation is a free Max For Live device and combines a cellular automaton with a polyphonic tone generator. Following the link you’ll find a walkthrough video as well.

Strange Mod

Strange Mod is a FREE max for live modulator (Donations possible). Strange Mod uses several Strange or Chaotic Attractors to produce a moving 3D coordinate. The coordinate may be mapped to various parameters in Live similar to an LFO. The difference is that chaotic attractors do not repeat the exact same progression, although each has its own structure. So you can get tons of endless variety while having similar flows for each attractor.

Fractal Filters

Fractal Filters is a FREE Max For Live device (Donations possible).

Inch By Inch

Inch By Inch is a free Max For Live generative step sequencer that creates gradually evolving patterns with probabilities for changing individual steps and other parameters.

Spectral Attractors

Free (Donations for good causes possible) Max For Live device from Dillan Bastan – Spectral Attractors uses a physics simulation and a phase vocoder.


Chants is a free 2 voices granular pitch-shifter & plate reverb M4L audio effect.
Two independant voices can scale, pitch-shift and reverb any audio input.
A third reverb and scaler can be added to the initial audio input.

Chants is inspired by Clouds from Mutable Instruments

Benjamin Van Esser

You’ll find a bunch of interesting free Max for Live patches on Benjamin Van Esser’s Site (Donations possible).

Stray Cats Collection

Free collection of M4L devices for Live. From synths and sequencers to effects for space and color.


Brums is an advanced free drum Max For Live synthesizer from s8jfou.
4 Operators creating 4 different drum sounds.