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Mod Squad V2

Inject life into your sets and compositions with this set of fifteen M4L modulators designed to create intricate, dynamic relationships between otherwise separate elements, add dub-style effects at random intervals, powerful LFO control, quantized macros, and audio-rate modulation – free!


There’s a free plugin like this as well (M4L).


Triptyque is a free Max for Live synthesizer aimed at creating special effects.

Powerful Ableton Max for Live Devices

Great article from Pro Audio Files with M4L device recommendations and descriptions.


Pluck is a free Max For Live device from Fors.

MOD-Mult v.1.0

Free Node Based LFO Router (Max For Live) from Suzuki Kentaro.

MOD-D3 1.0

Mod-D3 is a free M4L device for 3d modulating in Ableton Live from Suzuki Kentaro.