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Grain Strain

Grain Strain is new in Full Bucket Music’s arsenal of free production tools.


Grain synth looking like a Gameboy in the browser, anyone?


A unique free stereo delay system producing other worldly echoes using granular techniques, where each grain is from a different point in the delay buffer. Download


Free Cross-Platform Application For Granular Synthesis.

Omri Cohen

If you want to step (deeper) into modular synthesis, Omri Cohen is one of the best teachers for that on YouTube. If you should not know, VCV Rack is a free software version for modular synthesis and there’s an iOS port available called MiRack.

4phgp (M4L)

This four playhead granular player (For Max For Live) is free to download (Donations possible)


Argotlunar is a free granular synthesizer from Michael Ourednik.