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Two different distortion types.
Warm, analogue-modelled resonant low-pass filter.
High quality, easy-to-use compressor, with ‘Phat’ mode.
Powerful ‘MIDI Learn’ function.
A collection of useful Preset patches to get you started.
Randomize for instant inspiration.”

Free from Camel Audio


Free stereo widener from Quickquack.

Ignite Amps

Multiple free amp simulations from Ignite Amps.

Blue Cat Freeware Bundle

A couple of free useful audio processor plugins.
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Roughrider 3

Good and free compressor from Audio Damage for all operating systems.

Pcheneg Tremolo

Pcheneg Tremolo is a free tremolo effect with the possibility to adjust the modulating curve shape and a host synchronized frequency.


Gravel from Taiga DSP, a freeware bitcrusher/distortion effect with a built-in envelope follower, available as a 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugin for Windows based machines.


Filterjam is a free (Registration) multi-band resonant filter delivering weird ringmod-like filtered sounds. The input signal is divided into 4 bands that are then summed or multiplied together according to the selected mode. Filterjam can be very harsh or gentle, it can add brightness or depth to synth sounds, but it can also completely mangle acoustic sources.

Limiter No6 1.0.2b

Free Limiter No6, update 1.0.2b and with ENV1 skin.

TAL Tube

TAL-Tube is a free saturation plugin that have the characteristic of tubes and an additional amplifier mode. It’s very suitable for adding higher harmonics and can give more excitement and analog character to digital sounds or drums. At extreme values it can also be used as a grungy distortion effect.