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Niji Tracks

Free drum synth for Reaktor from the User Library made by Studio10c.


SUB is a free Vintage Analog Drums module + a Sub-frequency oscillator. (Needs a social share to unlock)

Simmons Toms

If you´re a Synthwave and Ableton head you should check out this tutorial on how to make Simmons toms with Ableton´s Operator:

TR-626 Samples

Free Roland drum samples from Martin78.


Samples @ 48khz 16bit, some sounds were processed (exciter, equalizer)
recorded in 24bit by lexicon mpx-550, drum machine was powered by batteries


Emulator I

Free E-Mu Emulator I VST version from Mooggy.

909 Drum Samples

Over 150 free drum samples from our friends at ADSR.

TR-09 through some choice outboard analog gear to provide a nice variation of 909 drum samples.


SSD5 Drums

One free drum kit from Slate Digital´s SSD5 plugin (Needs E-Mail registration).


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