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Emulator I

Free E-Mu Emulator I VST version from Mooggy.

909 Drum Samples

Over 150 free drum samples from our friends at ADSR.

TR-09 through some choice outboard analog gear to provide a nice variation of 909 drum samples.


SSD5 Drums

One free drum kit from Slate Digital´s SSD5 plugin (Needs E-Mail registration).


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Past To Future Samples

You can get some really nice drum samples from Past To Future (Including free ones).

808 Hits & Loops

378 free 808 drum samples from SampleRadar.


DRUMR (pron. drummer) is a unique tool to help you discover drum sounds. It’s simple interface and easy to use Macro controls simplify the process of creating interesting new percussive sounds.


Play drums in the air with Aerodrums.