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MIDI Control Omnisphere

Chris Sonic gives away hardware configuration maps and explanation to use Omnisphere with any MIDI controller.

ThirtyTwo – Launchpad Pro Step Sequencer

…from faQtor.

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Electra One

There´s a new MIDI controller in town. Well, right now it´s on Kickstarter. 216 parameters can be controlled (editable) and the best thing is there´s a display showing you all concretely.  Final price of the Electra One will be €429.

Multiple MIDI Controllers

If you want to use multiple MIDI controllers in Ableton (and others), here´s everything you need to know:

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If you´re an Ableton Push user you might be interested in this mods from AudioModder which let you browse and modulate some non-Ableton products.

These are not free but affordable and well worth it.