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FerricTDS mkII

Introducing operating level calibration for better gainstaging and output volume compensated processing
-Metering ballistics revised and aligned accordingly
-Updated tape compression algorithms increasing punch, adding 2nd order harmonic processing, less IMD
-Updated limiter algorithm featuring ADC style converter clipping
-All non-linearities are running at higher sampling frequencies internally
-Adding a sophisticated analog signal path emulation

Available for Windows VST in 32 and 64bit as freeware from Variety Of Sound. Download your copy here.

9 Compression Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Nice article on compression tips from Jason Moss on Pro Audio Files.


AMP is a new effect plugin designed specifically as a tool to quickly make drum sounds punchier, more present and more demanding in a mix.


Free compressor from Present Day Production.

Omri Cohen

If you want to step (deeper) into modular synthesis, Omri Cohen is one of the best teachers for that on YouTube. If you should not know, VCV Rack is a free software version for modular synthesis and there’s an iOS port available called MiRack.


Rick Beato in detail about compression…

How To Hear Compression

Compressors are powerful weapons that define the tone, texture, and attitude of our productions. Join Gregory Scott, Kush Audio’s analog and plugin designer, as he twists the knobs on a compressor plugin while telling you exactly what to listen for, making it incredibly easy to hear all the nuances that make compressors the most magical pieces of gear in a producer’s arsenal.