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A natural sounding reverb based on the concept of a room simulator. Protoverb is an experimental researchware plug-in, developed by U-He. Download and use it for free.

Omri Cohen

If you want to step (deeper) into modular synthesis, Omri Cohen is one of the best teachers for that on YouTube. If you should not know, VCV Rack is a free software version for modular synthesis and there’s an iOS port available called MiRack.


Expanse is a free noise and drone generator that can be spectrally blurred, pitched, and filtered. You can find another free and more cheap devices on Pure Magnetik.


SonoBus is an easy to use and free application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network. So if you want to colaborate with a distant friend on some tracks get this now here.


IK Multimedia offers a free Memory-V synth rompler. You have to be/become a newsletter subscriber and then install the free version of Syntronik, which the Memory-V is a part of (video instruction). This offer is limited to Feb 26th !

CHOW Tape Model

CHOW Tape Model is aphysical model of an analog tape machine, implemented as a free audio plugin.

CHOW Tape is currently available in the following formats:

Standalone plugin

SoundMagic Spectral

If you’re on a MAC these oldies might still come in handy if you haven’t checked them out yet. Download Soundmagic Spectral form Michael Norris.
If you’re on PC check out this instead.