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Routing Live’s Browser Preview

…which can be useful for a number of reasons (E.g. headphone EQ) – explained by Point Black:

A Sampling Trick

Here´s a nice & useful sampling method by Pusher to add some randomness to your tracks:

20 Ableton Live Tips

Good-to-know-stuff from Computer Music about Live – Hop over to Music Radar to read..


If you want to be totally independent in your music career you might want to read this Wikihow entry on how to start a netlabel.

Random Chords & Melodies

2 parts Tutorial on how to generate MIDI Chords in Ableton Live from ELPHNT:

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Komplete Kontrol with any MIDI controller

If for whatever reason you own Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol but no NI keyboard or Maschine device, here´s a quick tour how to use any MIDI controller with this program in Ableton Live (Should be possible in other DAWs as well though)

Beat Repeat (Ableton Device)

If you never dived into it, here´s a nice overview of the cool Beat Repeat Ableton stock plugin.

Fix Phase Correlation

Sadowick explains you what phase correlation is and how to often get rid of it quickly.

FM Synthesis

Frequency modulation synthesis (or FM synthesis) is a form of sound synthesis where the frequency of a waveform, called the carrier, is changed by modulating its frequency with a modulator. Most famously, the Yamaha DX7 synth features this type of synthesis. Learn how to sound design with this method and check out free alternative synth plugins.

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Song Exploder

This great podcast is around since 2014. If you haven´t heard of it before and you´re a producer, it should be at least interesting if not possibly helping your own productions to grow. In this podcast musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Features artists from different generes.

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