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Routing Live’s Browser Preview

…which can be useful for a number of reasons (E.g. headphone EQ) – explained by Point Black:

20 Ableton Live Tips

Good-to-know-stuff from Computer Music about Live – Hop over to Music Radar to read..

MYT Ableton Racks

MYT offer 2 free fx racks for Ableton, Motherducker (Volume processing / Volume shaper) and Donald Thumb (Parallel processor).

Ableton Live Simpler – Granular

Here is a trick by Robert K using the Ableton Live Simpler Instrument to manually/randomly change the playback of a sample resulting in something very similar to granular synthesis.

Ableton Tutorials

Here´s a useul collection (61 videos!) of Ableton Live tutorial from Fanu:

Random Chords & Melodies

2 parts Tutorial on how to generate MIDI Chords in Ableton Live from ELPHNT:

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Downgrade is a collection of 5 Ableton Live racks that wobble, crunch and deliciously degrade any sound you feed into them.

Perfect to add a retro / vapor flavor to your sound.

Each module has it’s own special area, and they can be used in any order to create a wide range of character.

For a full rundown and examples, watch this video:

People who pay $1 or more will get the additional “Stutter” experimental rack as a bonus via email.

REQUIREMENTS : Ableton Live 10 Suite 

Simmons Toms

If you´re a Synthwave and Ableton head you should check out this tutorial on how to make Simmons toms with Ableton´s Operator: