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Stray Cats Collection

Free collection of M4L devices for Live. From synths and sequencers to effects for space and color.

Creating Your Own Wavetables

Francis Preve explains how to use Ableton’s Simpler to create your own wavetables in this article.


After the success of the Moog Mother 32 Library here is a brand new series of Ableton Live Racks made with a Moog Minitaur!
This library is free for everyone and comprise of 13 Ableton Live Racks

Ableton Analog Touch OSC

Here´s a free TouchOSC template to control Ableton Live´s Analog synth. It uses MIDI channels 12 and 13 (editable of course).

DX7 Rompler For Ableton

Buddy Spencer offers a huge library of smaples of the Yamaha DX7 transfered into Ableton Live racks.

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Ableton Free Packs

Ableton offers quite many additional packs for free including Max4Live devices, sample instruments, loops & more


Launchpad95 is around for quite some time but still this Ableton Live Remote Script will improve your Launchpad´s functionality (without limiting the already given features) and it´s complety free (donation possible). After simply copying the script to the specififc folder and then choosing it in Live you´ll be able to use 3 step sequencers for drums and melodies & more.


Works for the Launchpad Pro and previous versions. It´s not sure yet wether this works with the new versions of the Launchpad X but you could just try it (will be possibly updated soon for that).

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Ableton – Copy Automation

Quick tip: If you (don´t) want to copy your clip automations in the arrangment view, use tjis little guy.


If you´re an Ableton Push user you might be interested in this mods from AudioModder which let you browse and modulate some non-Ableton products.

These are not free but affordable and well worth it.

808 Drums

808 Drums’ is a highly versatile drum kit inspired by the Roland’s legendary drum machine. Designed natively for Ableton Live, ‘808 Drums’ is a rock solid tool that will fit right into your production pipeline. With 48 demo grooves included in the project you can dive deep straight into programming of new tracks, remixes & live sets.