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Powerful Ableton Max for Live Devices

Great article from Pro Audio Files with M4L device recommendations and descriptions.


Pluck is a free Max For Live device from Fors.


The DHM 89 pitch-shifting delay unit was released in 1979 by the French manufacturer Publison. PitchLoop89 takes its cues from the hardware, preserving some original limitations for creative reasons, while making some contemporary enhancements for sound control, versatility and performability. It’s free.

808 Distortion Rack

This free Ableton Live rack is a combination of Pre-Gain Staging, Waveshaping saturation, Overdrive with adjustable center frequency, Bit Crushing tuned to noise and less tone loss, stereo distortion, and filtering with cabinet.

Drum Booster

Free drumbus rack for Ableton Live from Sidebrain. More info here.

Free Live & Serum Skins

2 free skins for Live and Serum this month from Mechax.

Stray Cats Collection

Free collection of M4L devices for Live. From synths and sequencers to effects for space and color.