You’ll find lots of free patches for numerous apps (mostly iOS) at Patchstorage .

Serum 98

Free Windows 98 themed skin for Serum.

808+303 Emu

Roland TR-808 and TB-303 emulation in your browser.

DCAM FreeComp

DCAM FreeComp is a free plugin for premium circuit-modelled compression in VST, AU or RTAS hosts. Needs a user registration at FXpansion.


Lot’s of free soundfonts/samples to download from Flame Studios. These are allowed to be used in your productions.

Tonetta Blue

Tonetta Blue is a free semi-modular 8-voices polyphonic synthesizer for VST3 (64-bit)

Music Box

FrozenPlain offers a free music box (sampler) for traditional and enhanced sounds.

Variety Of Sound

If you’re ok to use 32 Bit Plugins (Might need JBridge), then you can get some cool mixing / mastering devices for free from Variety Of Sound.

Odin 2

Free polyphonic synthesizer plugin from The Wave Warden.

Inch By Inch

Inch By Inch is a free Max For Live generative step sequencer that creates gradually evolving patterns with probabilities for changing individual steps and other parameters.

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