Wave Observer

Monitor plugin for free (newsletter subscription) from Press Play.


SonicBits updated their free FM synth and reverb. Sound examples of Exakt Lite:

Memory V

You can get a Moog emulation for free from IK Multimedia if you subscribe to their newsletter until Dec 30th.


The free WAV3S 3d sound visualization is geat for making videos to your music.


For some more complex panning check out this free plugin from Cable Guys.

SoundMagic Spectral

If you’re on a MAC these oldies might still come in handy if you haven’t checked them out yet. Download Soundmagic Spectral form Michael Norris.
If you’re on PC check out this instead.

The Tape Abomination

You can choose your own price (also free is possible) for 2 interesting FX plugins from Freakshow Industries. You decide.


DFR-76 is a FREE plug-in that contains 27 HQ playable instruments ranging from bass, keys, plucks and more. Here are some audio demos:



Free Computer Sounds

You can download 180 high-quality samples with sounds recorded from historic computing devices for free, following the link at the blog of Motion Soundscapes.

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus

Free analog modeled synth from Cherry Audio insprired by this hardware from Moog:

Here a comparison:

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