VCV Rack

Sure, VCV Rack is not new and the second post here. But since constantly new versions and modules are being created, here´s a little reminder 😉

Btw, the latest improvent is an unofficial VST patch for fx and instrument use. Installation is a bit of a hassle at the moment though. Support in the KVR forum (Link at the bottom).

Sample Manager

ADSR just released a free VST Sample Manager to quickly find the right loops and one-shots while your producing in your DAW. They will be synced to your project and also can be triggered by MIDI.

Here´s a walkthrough with Echo Sound Works:


This might be the craziest library for Native Instruments Kontakt that you can find. It´s from Embertone and it´s free.

Mutated Texturizer

The Mutated Texturizer and the Mutated TexturizerAlt are free Max For Live plugins from Timo Rozendal, based on the firmware for the eurorack module Clouds by Mutable Instruments.


This is an old (free) VST synth made by Siegfried Kullman many years ago and is an emulation of the even much older classic Ensoniq SQ-80 hardware:

The thing is it´s still a great tool for producing Synthwave stuff. As it is old and 32 bit you´ll need to convert it to 64 bit if your DAW doesn´t support these (For instance with JBridge, 14.99€ – Tutorial)


Get SQ8L here (There a a lot of presets available, too – Even more on the web) and try it with any of our Nu-Disco construction kits and replace the synths with the included MIDI files, like here:

Specific kit used here is from: Outrun Themes (DDL113)

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