An interesting free glitch delay from Glitchmachines.

Kyriacos Research Group

Free reverb & delay VST plugin from Kyriacos Research Group.

Altantis Synthesizer

Beta version of this VST synth is downloadable at www.jeremyevers.com


Cyan/n is a free Max app for creating sample based compositions by Katsuhiro Chiba. Development has stopped in 2008 but this is still cool. This is what you´ll get: Slicer · Looper · Rhythm box with 4 tracks granular · Multi effect and Master effect etc are integrated and can be processed in real time without stopping performance. The user interface is laid out so that you can quickly access all parameters, and it also supports external MIDI controllers. Site is is japanese.

Mixing Secrets

Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio is a book by Mike Senior about, well you can imagine.. However, you can find lots of info about mixing on his site. There also is a huge library of Multitrack projects for learning purposes.

Emulator I

Free E-Mu Emulator I VST version from Mooggy.

Alpha Free Version

Free version of the Alpha VST synth. Basic interface, good sound quality though. Download from KVR.

Music SDP

The Music and Sound Design Platform (also referred to as Music_SDP and MSDP) is free and open-source software built for electronic and electroacoustic music performance, production, improvisation, and experimentation. Music_SDP is a DAPE, or Digital Audio Performance Environment, functioning similarly to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), but designed with a special modular structure built for live performances. MSDP provides a non-linear, infinitely expandable, totally hackable, easy-to-use interface for sound design that encourages and rewards exploration and experimentation. It is a great platform for beginners and professionals alike, and provides all the tooling and control needed to make wild new sounds, build complex sonic projects, and execute flawless performances.

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