Reaktor ensemble for formant shifting / formant reconstruction for *polyphonic* input, spectral warping, reharmonizing, freezing, and pitch shifting. From the User Library.


Soundgrain is a graphical interface where users can draw and edit trajectories to control granular sound synthesis.

Arminator 2

Latest free synth from Krakli Plugins. Download here.

Vamp PlugIns

Vamp PlugIns need a host like Sonic Visualizer and offer many interesting features to process audio files. For example MIDI data can be extracted, to mention only one.


How to install

Install on Win 10 64 Bit: Use 32 Bit version and move (/create) folder Program Files(x86/Vamp Plugins and copy plugin data into there.

Past To Future Samples

You can get some really nice drum samples from Past To Future (Including free ones).

Random Riff Generator

Random Riff Generator is a midi tool by Mario Nieto that generates sequences for you. This is the free version.

Free Echo Sound Works Stuff

Presets, samples & more from Echo Sound Works.

Free Waveforms

4300 free waveforms from Adventure Kid. (Donation possible)

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