Sample Crate

Here’s a whole YouTube playlist with great beat-less sampling material. You have to consider copyright though of course for commerical use. Btw, need a free sampler? you might want to check out Highlife from discoDSP.

The PPG Wave Story

Animoog Z Presets

Free presets for the free (plus IAPs) iOS synth Animoog Z from Expanding Sound.

Some Love

Artist: Chaka Khan
Song: Some Love
Album: Chaka
Year: 1978

Downtown Colors

16 sounds inspired by the city’s colors, with a touch of creative imagination.
Controls for Lowcut, Width, Gain, Pan, Wave FX (three types), and envelope (attack, decay, sustain, and release).
Completely free plugin. Download.

Phutura 2

Phutura 2
Audio Demo:

Free Reaktor instrument from Phuturetone.

MOD-Mult v.1.0

Free Node Based LFO Router (Max For Live) from Suzuki Kentaro.

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