Visualize your collection of short audio samples in an interactive 2D point map using machine learning technology.

Analyze resulting groups and play your samples in a novel way using various innovative music composition modes.

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Increase streams with beautiful landing pages made instantly with Songwhip – no login, no limits, free.


FamiStudio is a free simple, DAW-style, music editor for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is designed for both chiptune enthusiasts and the NES homebrew community.

Bottle Pop

Reflect Audio releases a free plugin with sounds made from a Coca Cola bottle – Bottle Pop.

You’ll need to leave a like on social media to be able to download this and more freebies at their site.


Until August 31st only, Waves offers the MaxxVolume for free.

Ruler Bass Synth

This device is based on the school experience of imitating bass lines at the desk and a fun way to disturb teachers. More info.

50GB Sound FX

Soniss are giving away 50GB+ of high-quality sound effects (intended for games but useful for more) from their catalogue. Everything is royalty-free and commercially usable. No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime.

RC 808

RC 808 is a free Roland 808 emulation from the Analog Mafia.


Max Project added a C64 drum machine to their free collection.

OB-XD 2.0

Free Oberheim OB-X emulation (Donation possible).

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