W2395c Baxandall EQ

Free EQ from Fuse Audio Labs.

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MIDI Control Omnisphere

Chris Sonic gives away hardware configuration maps and explanation to use Omnisphere with any MIDI controller.

DX7 Rompler For Ableton

Buddy Spencer offers a huge library of smaples of the Yamaha DX7 transfered into Ableton Live racks.

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Ableton Free Packs

Ableton offers quite many additional packs for free including Max4Live devices, sample instruments, loops & more


WaveEdit is the free, open-source wavetable editor developed by Synthesis Technology. You also can just download Wavetables for free.

Iota Mini

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ThirtyTwo – Launchpad Pro Step Sequencer

…from faQtor.

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WaveCymbal is an attempt to make a cymbal synthesizer with banded wave-guide model. The result is more like dragging bunch of empty cans or thin metal plate on asphalt rather than cymbal.

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PSP PianoVerb

PSP PianoVerb is available for free for all who have an active account at PSP Adioware (Account free).

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Hanging Out With Audiophiles

Wether you want to be entertained or learn stuff as a music producer, Hanging Out With Audiophiles by reknown Jamie Lidell will give you that on a solid level. Episodes feature people like Richard Devine, Dave Steward, Tim Exile and many more.