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Mixing wisdom from In The Mix.


Free FM synth for Win/Mac on GitHub.

-Four operators with independent parameters such as volume, panning, modulation index, feedback, three different frequency modifiers (ratio, free and fine) and ADSR volume envelope parameters. The operators can be independently switched to white noise mode

-Flexible routing allowing setting the output operator (with some limitations) as well as the percentage of signal that is simply added to the final output, enabling additive synthesis. By default, operator 4 is routed to operator 3, operator 3 to operator 2 and operator 2 to operator 1.

-Master volume and master frequency parameters

-Four LFOs capable of targeting most operator parameters as well as most parameters of lower index LFOs.

-128 voices (using them all simultaneously might consume quite a bit of CPU time though)

-Fully automatable

ANS Synth

The ANS synthesizer is a photoelectronic musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1937 to 1957. The technological basis of his invention was the method of graphical sound recording used in cinematography (developed in Russia concurrently with USA), which made it possible to obtain a visible image of a sound wave, as well as to realize the opposite goal—synthesizing a sound from an artificially drawn sound spectrogram. (more on Wikipedia)

Get a free (donations possible) software version for iOS, Win, Mac from Alexander Zolotov.


GSat+ is derived from the saturation module on the TBProAudio CS5501V2 channel strip plug-in, but adds extra features requested and suggested by the Gearspace.com team. It’s free of charge.


FKFX are unique plugin tools, made by two guys escaped from audio industry. Download (Patreon Support possible) their plugins here.

Cycles & Spots VST

C&S are currently developing their first VST instrument (Possibly also AU) . Similar to some of their Reaktor instruments it will be a sampler instrument for House, Deep House, Deep Tech, Minimal productions. It will soon go into beta testing phase and is expected to be published in the near future.

If you want to participate in the beta testing , especially for Mac, write to info@cyclesandspots.com . Naturally you’ll get the instrument for free then, but valuable documented feedback is wanted.

Kontakt Freebies

If you have the full version of NI Kontakt you can get quite a few good and free instruments. Here’s a collection curated by Pluginb Box.


Free goodies (samples) from Goldbaby.

Da Fingaz

Here’s 4 pieces of advice for producers from Da Fingaz:


There is nothing worse than having an artist name and not using that across every piece of content.
Make sure you have consistency. That is your brand.
Your artist or music creator name should be the same on all social media platforms.
When new platform are created, even if you don’t plan on using it, sign up and claim your name so nobody gets confused.


For some, opportunities seem to fall in their lap. For others, it takes years and years for the “big break” or “overnight success” to happen.
However long it takes for you to reach your definition of success, remain persistent and enjoy the journey.


Do you believe the best songs are making it to the mainstream?
In most cases, the answer is no. The truth is, the best “marketed” songs are making it to the top of the charts.
Marketing today is totally different from what it was just a few years ago.
Your song or idea can go viral from 1 tweet, 1 Instagram post, 1 Tik Tok video, or 1 YouTube clip.
Use these platforms to market yourself AND your music.
If you want to build a fanbase, let them SEE and HEAR you.
Go live on these platforms and talk about your music. Or your life.


Final piece of advice: Go to DaFingaz.com and sign up for my newsletter.
I share weekly tips on networking, music production, balancing a creative life with…normal life, and anything else that comes to mind.

Shout out to the whole Deep Data Loops team for this opportunity!

Be safe and be well everyone!


Pianobook is a peer-to-peer community of composers, producers and sound smiths sharing their sounds for all to use for free. Set up by Spitfire Audio founder Christian Henson the aim of this community is promote the notion that the best sounds for music are made by people who make it!

Here’s just one example, sounds of the Hohner Guitaret: