Simmons Toms

If you´re a Synthwave and Ableton head you should check out this tutorial on how to make Simmons toms with Ableton´s Operator:

Portland Weather

Portland Weather by Frozen Wastelands is the free VCV Rack version of Intellijel’s amazing Rainmaker delay Here´s a detailed walkthrough by Modular Curiosity (Skip to the end to only hear some results).


Helm is a free VST synth by Tytel.

Saltline Legacy VST plugins

A couple of free legacy VST synths and fx from Saltline. These are all 32 bit and might need JBrige to run in your DAW.


Bully is a free (Newsletter subscription, offer expires
May 23rd, 2019) bass synth that runs inside Syntronic (Free version).

VSXu Visualizer

Vovoid VSXu is many things – a music or audio visualizer displaying real time graphics to your audio or music. It is also a modular visual programming language with which you can quickly build and explore real time graphics effects and designs. VSXu’s underlying code can be re-used in other projects and is optimized for real time graphics and games. Grab it for free.


A free VST emulation of the Alesis Microverb from LongSound. This emu is vintage itself and therefor 32 Bit only, can be run with JBridge.


Something for tinkers, Smasher a free oldskool cross-platform standalone app to manipulate loops as in cutting in slices and applying FX patterns.