Easel Serge Krell Improv

..by Todd Barton who offers tutorials on his Patreon.

Mini Synths

…created by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira Rolt

808 Distortion Rack

This free Ableton Live rack is a combination of Pre-Gain Staging, Waveshaping saturation, Overdrive with adjustable center frequency, Bit Crushing tuned to noise and less tone loss, stereo distortion, and filtering with cabinet.


MusicNet is a collection of 330 freely-licensed classical music recordings, together with over 1 million annotated labels indicating the precise time of each note in every recording, the instrument that plays each note, and the note’s position in the metrical structure of the composition.


AMP is a new effect plugin designed specifically as a tool to quickly make drum sounds punchier, more present and more demanding in a mix.

Noise Engineering

After registering you can get 3 experimental plugins (Beta versions)for free from Noise Engineering.

Grain Strain

Grain Strain is new in Full Bucket Music’s arsenal of free production tools.

EMS Synthi VCS-3

Hear a bit of the famous 70s synth VCS-3 in action.

Drum Booster

Free drumbus rack for Ableton Live from Sidebrain. More info here.


Download field recordings & sound FX from freetousesounds for free at Bandcamp.